Shell Holster

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The Shell Holster Cases series is a range of multifunctional holsters that combine superior protective qualities and additional useful features.

It’s no secret that modern smartphones are sophisticated, high-tech devices that perform many functions. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, providing not only communication, but also other vital activities. They are everywhere with us: at home, at work, on a walk and even on a hike, you will take your favorite gadget with you. Hone is a fragile device, with constant use in various conditions, the risk of damaging it, scratching, dropping, breaking it increases. To prevent such unpleasant surprises, there are protective covers.

How to Protect your Phone

Shell Holster Case – provides not only a high degree of protection, but also has a number of additional advantages:

  • 180 degree rotating belt clip;
  • Kickstand with horizontal and vertical viewing allows you to conveniently position the device for viewing multimedia content and video communication;
  • Full compatibility with all holes, cameras and buttons;
  • Internal felt lining and raised beveled edge to protect the touchscreen from scratches;
  • Thin and lightweight;
  • Attractive design will make your gadget stand out and emphasize the seriousness and confidence of the owner.

Shell Holster Cases are manufactured from environmentally friendly, high quality materials. With its functionality, high level of protection and stylish looks, Shell Holster Case is an excellent choice for keeping your smartphone safe.


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