Dual Layer Card Holder

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How to protect your smartphone from shocks

Modern phones are complex multifunctional devices. Naturally, do not forget about the need for additional protection for such gadgets, because a drop from a small height onto any hard surface is enough for the glass screen to break. Cracks and chips are a common sign of smartphone exploitation. An easy way to protect your device is to install a cell phone card holder case, which can provide full protection from drops and bumps. This is an excellent choice for everyday use of the gadget, which is recommended for users with an active lifestyle.

Features Dual Layer case

Since the main purpose of such products is protection against shock effects, durable composite materials are used for the manufacture of a shockproof cover:

  • reinforced plastic (carbon);
  • polycarbonate;
  • high-impact plastic;

To better dissipate impact energy, an additional inner layer of soft material is used. Mainly used:

  • silicone;
  • TPU material;
  • rubber;
  • rubberized plastic;

With such a soft gasket, the appearance of chips or cracks on the fragile glass surfaces of the smartphone is excluded. The most effective is the multi-layer shockproof case with credit card holder, in which each of the layers is responsible for a specific protective function. Вurable plastic base is responsible for the strength characteristics, rubberized inserts help to better absorb shocks. In addition, this kind of accessories also provide additional protection from dust and moisture, from fingerprints, etc.

Thoughtful design

The Dual Layer series with Card Holder is available in a wide selection of models in various colors. An additional plus will be a convenient Card Holder located on the back of the case. In the manufacture of products, the peculiarities of the location of the universal connector for connecting a headset or charging, built-in camera and side keys on the body are taken into account. You can conveniently use all the features of your device, including photo and video shooting. The shock-resistant plastic case does not interfere with the use of wireless chargers.


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