Armor Case Series

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Armor case – powerful protection against shock, drops, dust and moisture

High performance, ultra-stylish design and powerful functionality are three essential ingredients of a modern smartphone. This gadget has become an indispensable assistant to any user. Its only weak point is considered to be the device’s susceptibility to the formation of small chips, scratches and low structural strength.

Mechanical damage is a nightmare for all gadget owners. However, the Armor series case is the best and most reliable way to nullify external risks and emphasize the individuality of the owner of the phone.

Do you need a shockproof case?

Despite the modern smartphones are endowed with protection against falls, have the ability to take a shock on a stiffener, no one can give a 100% guarantee of the safety of a smartphone. In addition, the issue of protecting earlier models of the device remains. Considering that preventing breakage is the best prevention, it is worth choosing in advance a suitable armored case for your smartphone.

Shock-resistant cases provide uncompromising protection for your device. You are buying not just a stylish accessory, but the confidence that no falls and mechanical damage will disable an expensive gadget and will not affect its appearance. In addition, Armor series phone cases are available in a variety of colors. A wide range of colors and designs allow you to find your perfect shockproof case.

Shockproof case – a smart investment in your phone

Shockproof cases are great for defending your smartphone. It is extremely difficult to overestimate the importance of an armored accessory, since it is:

Reliable protection against dust and dirt and abrasive substances. The money saved on trips to service centers, you can easily afford one more phone. Agree, it’s much more pleasant to spend money on buying a new smartphone than on repairing an old one.

Where to buy stylish shockproof cases?

The shockproof military grade phone case presented in the Rome Tech catalog are product made of premium quality materials with compliance with all environmental standards. The cases have been tested for compatibility with the respective phone versions. We guarantee that the armored case purchased in our online store will exactly fit  your smartphone and there will be no mismatches with the buttons and connectors.


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