Apple iPhone 11 Shell Holster Combo Case

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Apple iPhone 11 Shell Holster Combo Case
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The innovative design Apple iPhone 11 Shell Holster Combo Case provides the following benefits:

  • 🔸 360 degree protection of your phone from drops, scratches, dust and dirt;
  • 🔸 Internal felt lining and raised beveled edge to protect the touchscreen from scratches;
  • 🔸 Kickstand with horizontal and vertical viewing allows you to conveniently position the device for viewing multimedia content and video communication;
  • 🔸 Full compatibility with all holes, cameras and buttons;
  • 🔸 180-degree rotating belt clip;
  • 🔸 Outside rubberized coating is anti-slip.

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Apple iPhone 11 Case with Belt Clip is the perfect way to keep your smartphone safe and sound. Made of environmentally friendly polycarbonate, this case protects your phone from damage from all sides. The innovative design provides 360-degree protection, meaning your phone will be safe no matter what happens. Plus, the holster is versatile and great for everyday use or extreme conditions.

No matter how carefully you treat your gadget, there is always a risk that it will fall. And in order not to worry, it is better to purchase a reliable Holster Case that will protect your phone. The Shell Holster series of cases are designed with cushioning to keep your device in place when dropped, while the reinforced casing ensures protection even when your phone gets hit hard.

Shell Holster Combo Case perfectly follows the shape of the phone, which allows easy access to the speakers, cameras and phone connectors. And the pads on the buttons will protect them from dust, dirt and water, as well as extend their life to the robot, protecting them from wear.
Apple iPhone 11 belt Holster Case is a well-made, thin, and light case that, thanks to its functional design and stylish appearance, compares favorably with most other offers on the market. Keep your phone looking and feeling new!

Additional information

Weight 0.1875 kg
Dimensions 6.0 × 3.1 × 1.5 cm

iPhone 11




iPhone 12

2 reviews for Apple iPhone 11 Shell Holster Combo Case

  1. Sara

    I love things that have nothing superfluous in them. The case fits very tightly. The first time I couldn’t get the phone out of it right away. It’s a bit unusual to carry it in your pocket, as the phone itself is quite thin, but it’s easy to get used to in a couple of days. But now people, especially teenagers, do not take care of such things, their expensive iPhones and smartphones. Since childhood, I was brought up so that you cannot break things. We have never had a surplus of money in our family, so I take good care of things. If the phone suddenly slips out of your hands, this case will be able to “save” it from most damages (chipped surface and, most importantly, from scratches and cracks on the screen). Now children and adolescents do not let go of their phones, they go looking at the phone, and not at the road, so they often drop their phones, and they themselves can fall. Some people get hysterical from a crack on the screen, because a broken screen is the end of the whole phone, they have to buy a new one, and this is another waste of money. Therefore, I recommend just such phone cases.

  2. Debbie

    I ordered an iPhone 11 case – it fits perfectly! Excellent protection for the phone from accidental shocks 🙂 The belt clip rotates and can be placed both horizontally and vertically. I recommend you!

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